User Configurable Dashboards

Information is power. Getting to it quickly is sometimes can be a challenge. With eSilentPARTNER (esp), we give you the power to access your information in the format you want and need – from your dashboard.

esp had three user-defined dashboards. They are: CRM, Executive and Manager/Associate.

The Manager/Associate allows the user to define what does he/she wants to see. Simply select from a predefined list – assignments, company blog, personal calendar, etc. esp does the rest.

The Executive dashboard presents the financial health of your company with complete drill down of any metric to the source transaction. See trends in your sales – on a month by month basis. View key components, such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, etc., in text form and/or in a graphical representation. Select what you want view and where you want it placed from a list of pre-defined widgets.

The CRM dashboard presents a quick view of your opportunities and the financial projections. View your leads, to do's, etc. Like the Executive dashboard, you select what you want to see and where you want it placed on your dashboard from a pre-defined set of widgets.

In addition, esp provides a repository into which you store your own custom developed widgets. We, at The Medi Group, will work with you to show you how to code your widgets and where your widgets will be stored. You can then select your widgets for the appropriate dashboard.