They all Said Yes, Oui, and Sí to eSilentPARTNER

Our professional services customers provide a full spectrum of valuable services to their clients, including management consulting, advertising campaign creative and media buying, public relations, direct marketing, website and digital marketing, search engine optimization and inbound marketing, social media, graphic design, and branding to name just a few. Although diverse in their organization and offerings, eSilentPARTNER is the common thread in the success of their services delivery.

Firms, Far and Wide, Choose eSilentPARTNER

The Médi Group supports clients from St. John, New Brunswick (Canada) to Honolulu, Hawaii (United States), to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago (South America) and all points in between. Each customer relationship is valuable to us and we are committed to helping them promise, deliver, and profit using eSilentPARTNER.


  • "Our experience with eSilentPARTNER has been very satisfactory since now we are able to have very accurate reports on everything that's involved in our projects in many important aspects such as financial, productivity, accounting, and more. Prior to eSilentPARTNER, we were not able to have this and it makes a huge difference. We now have the power to track every aspect of the company. Plus, with eSilentPARTNER 3.6, the new versión of the system, we are very pleased with the way the information is displayed. We are sure that our bond with the Médi Group and eSilentPARTNER will be a long- term relationship."

    Maribel Michel
    Senior Project Manager - 121 Corp

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