Integrated Features to Help Ease Your Growing Pains

eSilentPARTNER gives growing firms everything they need to promise, deliver, and profit.
User Configurable Dashboards based on Roles

Dashboards & Business Intelligence

What gets measured, gets managed. So eSilentPARTNER provides user configurable dashboards and custom reports that contain a wealth of insights. With at-a-glance data, presented in visual tables and charts, users can proactively manage new business opportunities, current projects, and the overall company health. Plus, with embedded business intelligence, you can gain quick access to the actionable reports needed for your project and strategic planning efforts.

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Project & Resource Management

eSilentPARTNER's project and resource management features empower project managers and team members to successfully control project outcomes, including on-target objectives, on-time delivery, maximum resource utilization, and higher profit margins. From simple to complex jobs or retainers, and everything in between, eSilentPARTNER gives you the right tools and automated process to easily and seamlessly deliver remarkable client results.

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Project Planning Window and Kanban Boards
Time and Expense Entry Window

Time & Expense Management

Accounting for time and expenses is critical, but encouraging time entry is not always easy for project-based businesses. eSilentPARTNER solves this with a simple intuitive web-based interface, and tools to encourage time collection across multiple points in the project lifecycle. We also offer time entry licenses to ensure timely and accurate time entry from staff, whenever and wherever they are working. Plus, users can submit electronic expense reports, for supervisor review and approval, directly from their dashboard.

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Collaboration & File Sharing

eSilentPARTNER gives teams the collaboration and file sharing tools they need to prevent duplication of efforts and miscommunications, including job blogs organized by step and date. In addition to team collaboration, eSilentPARTNER provides both client (eClient) and vendor (eVendor) portals. This creates a self-contained universe for creating additional project efficiencies, while enhancing client service levels.

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Job Blogs and Team Communication
Media Schedules Calendar

Media Management

Media mavens need a simple tool to manage today's complex world of multi-media options. We hear you! For full-service advertising agencies and media buying companies, eSilentPARTNER provides numerous ways to help you plan, organize, schedule, execute, bill, and reconcile media-related projects. You can also benefit from our media pre-buy interface with STRATA for buys, revisions to buys, and supplier invoice processing.

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Accounting & Financial Management

Built for the way professional services firms account and bill for time, expenses, and outside purchases, eSilentPARTNER's robust, SOX compliant, accounting and financial system integrates project control with the general ledger, so you can track profitability in real-time. eSilentPARTNER includes a full set of business finance tools, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, revenue recognition, overhead allocation, multi-company, multi-office, multi-currency support, and project and management financial reporting. And, since financial and project accounting is seamlessly integrated, costs can be shared automatically, while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail.

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Vendor or Supplier Invoices Window and Annual Profit and Loss Statement
CRM dashboard widgets

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

New business pipelines and expanded client opportunities are the engines that drive your future revenues. eSilentPARTNER helps your new business and client service staff track and plan for new projects and retainers. With eSilentPARTNER's integrated Customer Relationship Management tool, your firm is better equipped to turn new leads into clients, and current customers into steady relationships.

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Octane Said Oui to eSilentPARTNER!

About Octane Strategies:

Octane Strategies is an award-winning strategic public relations firm located in Canada. Octane staff members use eSilentPARTNER across their three office locations in Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa.

For more information, visit

"Tout au long de notre partenariat d'affaires, Medigroup a démontré sa capacité d'écoute et d'innovation pour faire évoluer la solution eSilentPARTNER. L'équipe s'est surpassée avec sa nouvelle version 3.6 améliorée et facile d'utilisation qui nous permet d'assurer une meilleure gestion de nos projets et de hausser nos standards. En plus d'offrir un logiciel de gestion de projet intégré à la comptabilité, il est accessible de partout, en tout temps, et propose une interface conviviale pour tous les utilisateurs. Les administrateurs apprécieront aussi l'assistance technique et le service à la clientèle après-vente très rapide et courtois."

"Throughout our business partnership, Medigroup has demonstrated its ability to listen to our needs and to improve the eSilentPARTNER solution. The team has excelled with its new, enhanced and easy to use 3.6 version, allowing us to better manage our projects and to raise our standards. In addition to offering accounting an integrated project management software, eSilentPARTNER is accessible from anywhere, at any time, and offers a friendly interface to all users. Administrators will also appreciate very fast and courteous technical assistance and customer service."

Mélanie Boyer, CMA
Administration and Finance Director - Octane Strategies

Additional Benefits

  Knowledgeable Customer Support: The team that built our technology is the same team responsible for your ongoing care and training.
  100% Web-Based and Responsive: eSilentPARTNER is accessible, on any device, via any internet or intranet connection.
  Scalable: SaaS hosting is provided by one of the most trusted web-services corporations, Amazon Web Services. As your company grows, we will be able to scale with you.
  HTML 5 Compliant: Meets all standards and recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  Sox-Compliant: This distinction proves the data security and financial integrity of eSilentPARTNER.
  Import/Export: Easily import any data from spreadsheets. All financial, key media, and job reports can be exported directly to .pdf, HTML, Microsoft Excel® (xls), or can be emailed directly to users.

  Search With Typeahead: Easily search and find matches for information even in the deepest reaches of your database. You can even search within your search results to find more detail.
  Reporting Flavors: Get up to 35 management income statements by client, client contact, client division, account manager, type of job, team, department, office or company.
  Customizable: From one setup window, literally every field label, report or window title can be changed to your preferred terminology.
  Global Ready: eSilentPARTNER comes in English, French, or Spanish versions, can account for Canadian VAT tax, and is multi-currency capable.
  Hosting Options: Choose from SaaS or on-premise deployment.
  Licensing Options: Purchase a combination of Full and eTime licenses for optimal productivity.

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