Where does your project stand Financially?

Managers at professional service firms are often challenged with the task of having a keen sense of a company’s current financial standing and aiding top executives on best courses of action to improve their firm's standing. How many of us have been asked by a top executive to 'pull a report' ASAP with certain key metrics they need to make a decision and then scrambling through many different downloadable reports and trying to put all the data together with pivot tables? I know we ha...

At e·silentpartner we have listened to our customers (and our own top executives!) and are now proud to release enhanced Profitability and Budget Variance reports that include a variety of options to extract key financial performance indicators at various grouping levels. Projects are the driving force of any service firm and it’s evident we have to keep an eye on them to make sure your company is financially sound.

How do these metrics help you keep track of project financials at a glance?

• All the information in a single view in real-time
• Compare estimates vs. actuals
• Identify hours used versus hours estimated
• Run for different projects at the same time
• Group, subgroup, filter and sort per different attributes: project, client, type of service, team, account executive or project manager, office, and many others!

All of these options give you the opportunity to efficiently identify patterns and trouble spots that you can use to improve your overall performance.

Always know where every project stands!

Don’t take our word for it, read what some of our customers are saying:

"It's like a massive recon for each client brand!"

"New Profitability and Budget reports are really helpful. I don’t have to download data in Excel and play with it to get what I want, I get it directly from eSP."