Why eSilentPARTNER?

In 1988, we developed one of the first truly integrated project management and accounting systems for small to mid-sized full service advertising agencies. We saw it a fitting name because the software performed as if the firm had a Silent Partner – not actually sharing in the work, but helping the work get done.

From humble beginnings, we built on our strengths; adding multi-language and multi-currency capabilities and attracted mid- to large-sized multi-nationals and independent agencies across Canada, Mexico, and South America. Tested and proven in some of the most demanding operations, today eSilentPARTNER is global ready. Are you?

Who needs eSilentPARTNER?

Growing Firms of All Types

With growth comes challenges, including outgrowing your current software. If you are currently trying to manage people and projects with disparate workflow and financial systems, or your current integrated system doesn't meet your growth needs, it's time to see what eSilentPARTNER can do for you.

  Full-Service Ad Agencies
  Management Consulting Firms
  In-House Agencies
  Public Relations Firms
  Marketing Services Firms
  Branding and Design Firms
  Media Planning, Buying, and Optimization Agencies
  Search Engine Optimization Firms
  Website and Digital Marketing Firms
  And, more!

Leading Agencies LOVE eSilentPARTNER

"Love Advertising has been a Médi Group / eSilentPARTNER client since 2005. I have been an eSilentPARTNER user since 2013. My favorite features are the dashboard and the traffic plan. The dashboard provides visuals with drill downs for key client data like accounts receivable or billed versus unbilled hours. The traffic planning feature enables us to better manage project due dates and resources. For example, our Creative Director reviews the traffic planning report with his staff every morning to stay on top of fast moving project deadlines. Purchase orders are a snap, just select the vendor, put in the specs and the amount then click the Silent partner email drop down button. Client estimates and billings are just as easy and are emailed directly from eSilentPARTNER to your client contacts. We use the job BLOG feature to communicate quick changes internally and keep the team up to date with each project's status. We even file the completed .pdf with the job for future reference. Financials, from the balance sheet to client profit and loss reports, are also easy to pull with many different templates available for comparison to budget or prior periods. Customer service has always been quick to respond and courteous. With the eSilentPARTNER hosted version you can expect instant access to upgrades as they are released. Based on my 30+ years of experience as an agency financial manager, I would highly recommend a look at eSilentPARTNER when you are ready to upgrade your agency's financial management software."

Ken Ramage
CFO – LOVE Advertising

The eSilentPARTNER Difference

It's More than Just Professional Services Automation Software

eSilentPARTNER delivers valuable and tangible results that directly impact your bottom line, including:

Better Productivity and Greater Efficiency

eSilentPARTNER automates routine, low margin, or non-billable, tasks throughout the project lifecycle, allowing users to focus on providing more value-added services to your clientele.

Greater Product and Resource Utilization

eSilentPARTNER is so easy to use, which means your team members will be utilizing the software to its greatest potential. You'll also have greater, real-time, insights into underutilized employees so you can maximize billable revenue.

Stronger Business-Building Information

eSilentPARTNER's built-in business intelligence features enables actionable data that help users proactively steer projects toward on-time delivery and greater profitability. Operationally, eSilentPARTNER delivers financial key performance indicators that facilitate better business-building decisions.

For the Growing Enterprise

Adding more users is easy. And, as you grow, eSilentPARTNER grows with you allowing you to recoup your software investment faster.

Experience the eSilentPARTNER Difference Today!